Cognitive Behavioral Coaching - Training

Individual and Professional Coaching

"My mission : to help you cultivate your inner resources to overcome your personal and professional challenges with serenity."

Shamata is a Buddhist term that refers to calm and mental clarity.

Coach & Trainer

Valérie Deloger

After 20 years of professional and associative commitments, I decided to focus my energy on helping people reach their full potential and achieve their desired results. 

My approach


Meet you where you are and where you’re at!

Identify Goals

Help you formulate achievable goals (small step principle) in the context of your focus area.

Implement Actions

Support you in developing an action plan and utilizing daily habits to achieve and sustain your goals.

Lift the Barriers

Remove the barriers (thoughts or behaviors) that could be an obstacle to your progress.

Tweak & Refine

Regularly review and refine your action plan

(work is required between sessions to move forward effectively in the coaching process). 

Individual Coaching

For anyone wishing to develop their potential, assess their strengths, make informed choices and become their own coach in any situation.

Individual Coaching

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Professional Coaching

For business leaders or managers in search of meaning, in professional transition, or wanting to take a step back from a complex situtation.

Professional Coaching

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